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Accepting the challenge

The music market has never been so competitive before, but the most competitive deal isn’t necessarily the best option for the artist.

While the paradigm is shifting to finding the right team with the right vision and enthusiasm for an artist, honesty, creativity, passion and attention to detail are the values our customers benefit from.

Radek Vašíček
Radek Vašíček
A passionate music enthusiast and lifelong Pet Shop Boys fan since his early teenage years. He started thinking about building up a distribution service with enhanced sales and marketing services in the late 10s, while seeing the dynamic changes the music industry is going through, especially in the independent sector. He never regretted later this decision.
Moimir Papalescu
Moimir Papalescu
Electronic music legend behind numerous projects, most notably the electro-post-punk trio Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilists. While actively seeking new talented artists to MUSICRAFT roster, he’s behind many records either as a producer or remixer, occasionally also DJ-ing.
Veronika Svobodová
Before she joined MUSICRAFT, Veronika spent several years in the music industry on label side, leveraging her enormous marketing skills gained in previous roles. She’s in charge of marketing and operation stuff and making sure our processes are constantly developing in favour of customers.
Lucia Bihuncová
Our certainty that all releases are properly prepared for distribution and delivered to music services. She’s also a great photographer and exhibited her photos several times.